Welcome to the web developer's all-in-one toolbox!
Stop us if this scene sounds familiar: you sit down to code a site, and find yourself opening page after page as you research the technologies you'll need. Before you know it, you've got something like 100 different tabs open in your browser window. You find yourself frustratedly clicking through them all, attempting to remember which is which as you navigate back and forth - with so many links open, there's no room to see each page title! On top of that, your computer's running slower. But what if you could potentially save yourself all these hours of annoyance by consolidating the tools you need in one handy location? Enter DevTools. This site serves as a place for developers to query several common online resources used for building webpages, and then save any search results that they deem relevant in a personalized profile linked to their Google account. Development has never been so efficient!